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Meet Leonard Larramore ~ Growing up as a disadvantaged and obese child, Leonard is no stranger to life's obstacles and adversity. Growing up in the inner city of Jacksonville, his dream of making it to the NFL came true as a "walk on" to the Buffalo Bills 1994. Upon leaving the NFL, faced obesity related struggles, and had to make changes for a better life. Now Leonard is fighting a congestive heart failure and lives with an artificial heart and anxiously awaiting an organ donor for a heart/kidney  transplant.  

Personal Trainer



Leonard lived in CA as a personal trainer, giving hope to others pursuing a healthy life style. 

NFL (Buffalo Bills)

Professional Football Player

Leonard also experienced the life of a professional football player,  A chapter in his life that few people were afforded the opportunity to experience.

Ripping Obesity

Motivational Speaker

Leonard has always used his platform as a mission statement to educate our future community learners of tomorrow, with wisdom he has acquired over the years.  His character continues to motivate others to be come great and reach for the stars.